List advantages and disadvantages of wireless technology


  • Mobility – user device can be moved easily within the wireless range
  • Neat and easy Installation – since no cable running here and there, just start up the wireless device and you’re ready to rumble
  • Less cost for cabling infrastructure and device
  • More user supported – cable device have limited slots whereas wireless does not.



  • Relatively lower bandwidth speed – example: although currently 802.11/n could reach 128 Mbps, UTP cable can reach 1 Gbps. And more user mean each bandwidth get smaller. That is why currently wired backbone network is still preferred.
  • Ease of access means more security also necessary to protect data and/or bandwidth, since people can connect anywhere within range without seeking network plug.

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Whats the difference between lan and wan?

A LAN is a Local Area Network. Local is generally referred to a network contained within a building or an office or a campus. 

You might have a LAN for example on a University campus or between office blocks in an office park.

A big corporate perhaps like Anglo American, would generally have a LAN that might span several buildings.

To set up a LAN -relatively speaking- is cheap. If you want to put an extra couple of network points or an extra couple of devices on the network


A WAN is generally slow. If we compare that to a LAN, we said that Ethernet could run up to 1000 Mbps, currently, certainly in South Africa, the fastest WAN is 155 Mbps, so you can see in a LAN we can talk up to 1000 Mbps whereas in a WAN, at the moment, currently, 

WAN is expensive. If we look at the path of telecommunications, we need to connect two offices, one in Pretoria and one in Johannesburg together – it ‘s an expensive operation even for a slow line. 

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What is safe Mode and what is it used for?

Its a troubleshooting option with only basic files to help you get rid of problems and viruses

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List Technology Devices That you currently use

ipod, cell phone, ipad, laptop, computer 

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Summarize article

Quest is becoming a private company.

Therefore they will have to buy 2 billion dollars worth of stock.

The move to go private is to make more revenue instead of making moves in the stock market.

They have 100,000 customers and generate about 900 million dollars a year in sales.


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What did you accomplish when the sub was here?


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List 3 Tabs in Task Manager and their Purpose

1.Process – Shows you the proccesses

2.Applications – Showes you what app are open and running

3.Performance – Show’s how your computer is running in terms of performance

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In windows task manager, what does the applications tab allow you to do?

it allows you to End a Application and start a application.

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List One Question & Answer from Ch.12 or 13

what is the windows old file?

The file that contains the previous os version

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Restore Points Summary

Restore points is a point where you could restore the computer to a previous state where you want it be kind of like a snapshot you can use

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